Yoga classes

I teach one class a week at Stonemonkey Yoga Studio in Leamington Spa. You don’t need to book in advance, but you’re welcome to call me on 07941 944 399 if you’d like to talk before coming for the first time.  The class runs throughout the year except we usually take a break around Christmas and on Bank Holiday Mondays; call or text me if you want to check whether a class is running.

The class is mixed ability and open to complete beginners, experienced practitioners and everyone in between. Please note that if fewer than three people turn up, the class won’t run – but this is very unusual.

What we do

We usually start with a focus on the breath, then move into postures (standing, seated and inverted), finishing with at least five minutes’ relaxation.  Sometimes there is a physical theme (such as hip-opening or working towards a particular ‘peak’ pose), sometimes a more intangible theme (such as the concept of surrendering), and sometimes we just go with the flow.  There is always an emphasis on synchronising movement and breath, and I give lots of detailed instruction including modified versions of postures as necessary and hands-on adjustments to help you get deeper into a pose.  If you’d prefer not to be adjusted, just tell me – I won’t be offended!